Helpfulpeeps, a website designed to help people help each other, was founded by Saf and Simon who both left successful careers in the corporate world to pursue a life driven by purpose rather than money.

To fulfil that aim, they identified a number of challenges that they wanted to address such as:

  • Society’s over-reliance on money– Despite recessions and the mounting debt crisis society still seems to put ‘money’ on a pedestal and measures value primarily in terms of dollars or pounds.
  • Lack of a sense of community – Despite the internet revolution and the advancement of technology it can be argued that we are more disconnected than ever.
  • Barriers to charity based volunteering– In today’s ‘on demand’ world where everyone leads busy lives there seemed to be a number of barriers that prevents helpful people from getting involved in traditional volunteering be it lengthy forms to fill in or committing to a set number of hours per week.

What if there was an easier way? Wouldn’t more people get involved if you could help on your terms and around your schedule?

“Our vision is to build a global community with millions of people helping each other every day – we call it the karma economy”


Can people get involved with any of the projects, if so how?

Anyone can join for free at and get involved straight away. You can ask for any kind of help as long as it’s legal, and the focus is on sharing our time and energy with each other freely.

It’s not a platform for requesting financial help or funding but there’s plenty of scope for local tech startups to tap into the community of helpfulpeeps, whether you’re looking for someone to help you out with a coding conundrum or just need some ideas for your kid’s birthday party.

We are also looking for ambassadors and community leaders to help us grow the network in their local area or industry – if you feel up to the challenge please email us at